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1. How do I know who stocks the model I want to buy? The Neptune is available from Bainbridge Marine exclusively, please contact them to find your nearest shop. The black Voyagers are sold exclusively by Arleigh International, but all other models and variations are available from a range of distributors/shops, see our ‘Where to Buy’ page to find a stockist close to you. 2. What’s the difference between a Neptune and a Voyager? The Neptune and Voyager are brand names for our cookers. Typically the Neptune cookers are used in boats whereas the Voyager is normally sold into the leisure vehicle markets and is available with a range of design options to be customised to match the interior of the vehicle. 3. Why can’t I buy directly from you? As we are the manufacturer of the cookers, we only deal with trade accounts. Our cookers are built to order and we do not keep pre-built stock of our units. 4. How do I identify which spare part I need? You can view our spares pages by going to the ‘After Sales’ tab on the menu bar, and selecting the required category. Please note that these photos are for reference only and that we do not sell spare parts directly. If you wish to purchase spare parts, there are links to the shops we recommend in the ‘After Sales’ tab. 5. Can I get a copy of the user booklet? We have most product booklets available to download on the ‘User instruction booklets’ page. If you cannot find what you need on this page then please email sales@marinecooker.co.uk and we can help identify which booklet you need. 6. Which cookers do you produce? Is the Plastimo made by you? We have produced many cookers over the years with a variety of names and brands (eg. Atlantic, Neptune 2000, Neptune 4500). The following cookers have all been manufactured by us: Bainbridge Neptune Plastimo Neptune Voyager Atlantic